22films is the personal production company of Director/Cinematographer/Photographer (phew, that’s a mouthful) Brandon Leger.

22 is creativity manifest. That’s what I strive to bring to every project. Taking the dreams and images in your head and getting them in your hand in print or on the screen. Or going above and beyond to bring you something better than what you thought you wanted.

22films provides ALL production services for small to medium sized productions and can assist you at any point in the production process. From script to storyboarding, camera to lighting, editing to SFX.

Or I can come onto your project as Director/Cinematographer/Photographer to help bring your vision to life.

Still not sure? Then go to the Contact page and send me an e-mail detailing what you want. Quotes are free and ideas are infinite.

About Brandon
Brandon Leger has a Bachelor’s degree in Media Production from the University of Houston and, he is told, extremely blue eyes that can peer into your very soul. Though this can be quite disconcerting at first, it helps Brandon to bring your vision to life.

Brandon has run 22films since its Inception (pun intended) in 2010 under a different name. He also freelances within the Houston filmmaking community.


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